What is GREAT?
The GREAT (Growing Renewable Energy Applications and Technologies) project is an EU funded project under the INTERREG IVB NWE Programme. GREAT aims to encourage communities and small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) to develop technological solutions for Smart Grid, Renewable Energy and Distributive Generation; research and develop policy issues for regulatory authorities and provide structured co-operation opportunities between SMEs and research institutes / technology developers. The project encourages cross sector integration involving the following sectors:

  • Public authorities supporting economic generation and incorporating the requirements of distributed energy in its new developments
  • Economic development agencies linking with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and transmission bodies to sculpt opportunities for SMEs and providing business support to them
  • Research bodies involving themselves with all parties for two purposes: technology transfer and analyses of regulatory and market situations to provide good practices and policy recommendations
  • OEMs and large manufacturers demonstrating the benefits of distributed generation and Smart Grids to enlarge the market and improve their supply chains
  • SME suppliers in the market developing their businesses through international contacts and consortia x

Aims of the GREAT Project

Accelerate deployment of Smart Grid benefits in North West Europe (NWE). Smart Grid / Renewable Energy / Distributive generation provide opportunities for SMEs to achieve optimum synergies in this emerging sector. The project stimulates enterprises, develops innovations and creates employment; creates practices / policies that will help to push the third industrial revolution forward in NWE.

a) Inform Regulatory and Policy Actors of the opportunities Smart Grid
b) Enable and promote the sectors as a growth opportunity for SMEs in NWE.
c) Provide a Platform across NWE that promotes and develops Smart Grid benefits;  encourage new Smart Grid services and technologies be developed for citizens.


1 Develop set of tools to enable SMEs to engage with SG/DG/RE Nexus
2 Provide tools to SMEs to compete for transnational business
3 Stimulate product developments through developing international consortia
4 Increase awareness of market opportunities through distribution network